Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Photies of first few days in HCMC


Our first international flight on Qatar Airways - from Joburg to Doha

Who knew - Joy even smiles when she sleeps =)

Our travel companion, Eeyore, enjoying the beautiful sunset from our window seat

Doha Airport catching the shuttle to our connecting flight to Ho Chi Minh City


Our first night in HCMC - seeing the city night lights with Franck, one of our fellow French dorm mates

The beautifully lit Opera House

DAY 1 - 27/04

Sampling our first bowl of traditional Vietnamese Pho...

...the first of many

The HCMH post office - need to make a phone call to least we'll know what time it is

Exercise in the park?

Danger: due to extreme heat, this should only be attempted at night

Relaxing at a water feature - wish we could take a dip

Notre Dame Cathedral

DAY 2 - 28/04

Rise and shine to the delicious famous Vietnamese coffee - it was certainly what we needed to keep away the jet lag blues...Joy is hôoked

Beautiful flower market while roaming the streets

Outside the HCMC Museum - intruded upon a wedding photo shoot...oops!

Couldn't resist taking a seat in this old classic car

Soldier Joy reporting for duty...can I steer?

...and seek

Funemployment is hard work 

Hidden tunnels beneath the Museum lead to this secret room
Outside view of the Museum

Daring to touch the scary gargoyle 

DAY 3 - 29/04

Water Puppet Show:

We are still mystified by the mechanics of how this was performed - It múst be magic

DAY 4 - 30/04 


We started off our day of spirituality with a cleansing session of Yoga in the park, guided by our American yoga instructor, Will. Cleansing in more than óne sense of the word as the heavens open up and it rained in sync with the session. Hence no photographic evidence.

Braved the local bus and visited the Vinh Nghiem Pagoda, the largest in Saigon 

Ding dong the gong has gone...time for afternoon mass
Side Pagoda

The sweet scent of Frangipani was welcomed in this bustling city of 'interesting' smells

The only friendly animal we have yet to encounter...we un-originally named him Felix 

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