Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Home Adventures

19/01/2014 -  24/05/2015

After being back in SA for 9 months we finally sorted out what needed to be done for our next adventure to begin.

Our family has been truly blessed because although we arrived home from Asia to find Joy's mom in a coma,  in organ failure and on the brink of death,   God performed miracles and after two months in and out of ICU and a month in a physical rehab centre,  she made a full recovery!!

Thank you to all our family and friends that were with us through this trying time. It will always be appreciated!!
Joy's family subsequently decided to move from our quaint but limited childhood town to a bigger city with better medical facilities.

We have spent the last few months settling in to the new city, making new friends and getting up to a few local adventures. Here's just a taste of what we've been up to...

Learning a new skill:

 Weekend Away at Mazeppa Bay:


 Lorraine's Mardi Gras Birthday Party:

Cocktails and Fun at Gonubie Beach:

Taking Xena for the best beach walks:

Seeing Rox's sister Mel and Craig off on their Italy trip:

Seven's Rugby in PE:



Ring Girls' Christmas Party:

Roxy's Birthday Braai:

Ornithology Expedition:

 Getting to know the new addition to the family:

Ryan and Channel's first baby, Ashley

Apparently Joy's little niece gets her chubby cheeks from her


Cricket in PE:

Meeting the players... Kinda

Joy's Birthday weekend Canoeing and Camping in Kenton:

View from the cabin

Skiing and Tubing on Bushman's River:

Rox's brother and Mom's Rhodes Graduation in Grahamstown:

Joy's Dad, Wally's 70th Birthday Party:

 Marnus' Birthday Weekend in Kei Mouth:


Shari's Wedding:

 Braais at Manuel's and Potjie at Marnus':


Squash Tours:

Rock Climbing at Windmill Hole:

Karaoke in Cape Town:

Relaxing in Langebaan:

Route 62:

Storm's River Bridge:

Getting some inspiration for the next overseas trip:

Although we had had the most fun back in SA,  we were both itching to go on another expedition abroad. The destination  was not even a question... It had to be backpacking in South America!!! Let's make it happen =)