Saturday, 17 May 2014

Contiki Tour: Ha Long Bay and Ha Noi (2)

DAY 9: 17/05

Ha Long Bay to Ha Noi

We woke up on the sun deck to the rising sun. So magical!

We had a quick brekkie on deck and the jumped onto little boat to check out some caves on one of the nearby islands. 

Once again we had to climb a million stairs...luckily some magic water got Roxy through the experience! 

The caves were a lit up with awesome lights and looked beautiful.

Our guide, Sinh, giving us some history                                                                              of the caves 

 The caves were bigger than we originally anticipated...that's what she said...Haha!
Joy was a good sport and agreed to put it to the test

Jack, Eddie, Joy and Grace enjoying the interesting patterns on the cave ceiling

We tried to get some good luck by                                                             stroking the head of a turtle-shaped rock 

The light pouring in at the end of the caves

 Roxy found a quick way to get down the treacherous flight of stairs...
Best photo in the world!!!! (or so say some of us...Joy)

Back on the boat we enjoyed our final sea food lunch together before leaving our Junk Boat and taking the long bus drive back to Ha Noi.

We went out for a delicious dinner for our last night together as a group.

After dinner we went back to the Bachelorette pad for a little fines meeting (with cheap rice wine as the punisher) and then out to our favourite club (replacement Friars) for our last big party with the group! What an awesome night!!!!

DAY 10: 18/05

Ha Noi and Farewells

Had an early farewell breakfast where we said our goodbyes to everyone that was leaving. It had been an amazing tour which we had really enjoyed. 

We checked out of our luxury hotel and into a more suited backpackers across the street - $5/night, free breakfast and free beer was more our style.

That evening we met up with the remaining people from the tour to enjoy a rooftop dinner above the lake and later the Ha Noi Water Puppet show.

Puppet master

Chelsea acting like a kid again - keen to watch the puppet show

Even the second time around we were still fascinated! How do they do it?????

We ended our time with the last of the Contiki Tour group taking a stroll through the hustle and bustle of the Ha Noi night market! =)

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  1. Lovely seeing all the pics Rox & Joy!!!!!! You really made the most of your visit to Vietnam!! All the best with your travels to Thailand and make the most of each special moment. Chat soon xxx