Sunday, 4 May 2014

Biker Mice from Mars

DAY 7 - 03/05

We decided to hire a scooter and take a little road trip with the boys (Laurenz and Will), on the ferry out the city and into the jungle. 
Waiting to board the ferry

 Everyone rides on scooters with these face masks (don't worry, no airborne diseases have broken out), just to protect from pollution and avoid having some tasty appetisers along the way [Joy wished she had followed the trend]


On board

  Creeping on the ferry driver...

 Hehe...our plan worked and he let us steer

skillfully taken motorbike selfie


 And so the 'Biker Boys' Bro-mance begins...=) <3


Half-way pit stop. Hammocks and 'lichi' juice please...

Sunset scenery on the drive back to the city

 Got a local to take a pic of the Biker Mice group...6th time is the charm!

 We were all smiles here until we reached the busy death roads of the city on a bustling Saturday night!!! Were so happy to put our feet back on pedestrian soil...

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