Sunday, 15 June 2014

Ko Samui


Sunday 15/06 - Tuesday 17/06

This is the third island that we visited in Thailand and we felt like it had the best beach that we had seen thus far with semi-real waves and water that was deeper than our knees. While wandering around the town we came across a South African rugby match being screened in a sports bar (of all things to find in Asia)!

SA vs Wales - we won! Yay!

Drinking beer and watching rugby made us feel connected to home even though we were on the other side of the world!

Since we had sworn off any more Wats, the only other cultural activity available to us was to watch a Ladyboy Cabaret show! It was a show for the whole family, some people even brought there children, and for us as a bunch of girls felt totally at home and loved every minute of it! The show was made up of ladyboys dressed in elaborate outfits, lip syncing and choreographed dancing to some classic songs of the 90s.  

Girls from our dorm: Chelsea from Canada and fellow South African, Nats from Cape Town

The clown of the show


Take a listen to 'Beyonce' singing 'her' 'Crazy in Love' song...

Even "Gangnam Style" made an appearance

The 'Real' boys came out to play 

Posing with the stars of the show (who made us pay for the privilege of taking photos with them - it was worth it though)

Hitting the town after the Ladyboy entertainment...

The Canadian boys from the dorm: Julian, Nick and Jesse

The dorm crew jamming together and getting close in a this other one man wolf pack random!

And another random photo bombing our selfie

After having too much fun on the islands, we decided to head inland to the National Park at Khao Sok to detox and get back to nature!

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